Our map is curated in “clusters” near lavender farms.

All businesses, to qualify to be a part of the directory, must be unique, Michigan-owned, non-franchise businesses and within 7 miles of an existing lavender farm on the map. Your business or farm also must be unique for consideration.

If your business is already in our directory, or you are an existing lavender farm, you may proceed to fill out the form.

If your business is not in the directory, Your business must be located within 7 miles of an existing lavender farm on our map. Please review the lavender farm map first to verify that your business qualifies to be a part of our map.

Allow 2-3 weeks for a jury to review all new farm/business submissions before approval or denial.

Add New or Claim Existing Listing
Is Your Business Already on Our Map?
I Testify That I am a Michigan Owned, Non-Franchise, Small Business
My Business is Located Within 7 Miles of an Existing Lavender Farm on the Map

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