Michigan wineries have been quietly making a name for themselves in the wine industry. With a rich history dating back centuries, to French settlers, Michigan’s wine scene is flourishing. Did you know that there are over 13,500 acres of vineyards within 25 miles of Lake Michigan?

The state’s winery count ranks 9th in the United States, showcasing the growth and potential of Michigan’s wine industry. Not only are these wineries producing quality wines, but they are also making a significant economic impact on the state, with close to a $5 billion contribution to Michigan’s economy.

Exploring the wineries in Michigan is not just about tasting great wines; it’s about being part of a thriving industry that continues to grow and innovate. Next time you’re looking for a unique wine experience, consider visiting one of Michigan’s many wineries and discover the hidden gem that is Michigan wine country.

Twin Flame Lavender Farm, Summerhouse Lavender Farm and Brave Art Studios all agree that Modales Wines is their favorite winery in this region! It’s not just the wine that draws us in. The locally curated art display, jovial atmosphere, aesthetically pleasing architecture overlooking the expansive vineyards and personalized hospitality from the winetenders are the reasons why all roads lead us to Modales!

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Dablon Vineyards & Winery
111 West Shawnee Road, Bridgman, Michigan 49101, United States
Fox Barn Market and Winery
500 South 18th Avenue, Shelby, Michigan 49455, United States
132 Hubbard Street, Michigan 49010, United States
Modales Wines
2132 62nd Street, Michigan 49408, United States

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