Michigan, known for its picturesque countryside and vibrant culture, is also making a name for itself in the beer industry. As the fourth largest hop-producing state in the U.S., Michigan boasts an abundance of local hops that drive the craft beer scene in the region.

When you travel through Michigan’s countryside, it’s no surprise to see hop farms dotting the landscape, showcasing the state’s dedication to producing high-quality ingredients for its breweries. With such easy access to fresh hops, it’s no wonder that Michigan has become home to a thriving craft beer community.

With a plethora of local breweries utilizing these homegrown hops, there is no shortage of options when it comes to enjoying a cold and refreshing Michigan “seed to sip” experience. So next time you’re in the Great Lakes State, be sure to raise a glass of locally brewed goodness and savor the unique flavors that make Michigan beers truly special.

Our lavender farmer’s handpicked choices to enjoy a cold brew after a long day:

Twin Flame Lavender Farm: Tantrick Brewing Company

Summerhouse Lavender Farm: The Mitten Brewing Company Saugatuck

Brave Art Studios: Tantrick Brewing Company

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Hay Market Brewery & Taproom
9489 Red Arrow Highway, Bridgman, Michigan 49106, United States
The Mitten Brewing Company Saugatuck
220 Water Street, Saugatuck, Michigan 49453, United States
132 Hubbard Street, Michigan 49010, United States
Waypost Brewing Company
Gerald R Ford Freeway, Ganges, Michigan 49406, United States
Tantrick Brewing Company
243 Hubbard Street, Michigan 49010, United States

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